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Kubrick the Dog-Four, 19th December 2012

FourMagazine_Kubrick_06Image courtesy of Sean Ellis

A Dog Odyssey

At Four&Sons we meet a lot of pretty cool dogs. Kubrick, the beloved four-legged friend of photographer Sean Ellis, may just be the coolest. Just like his namesake, Hungarian Vizsla Kubrick lived an artistic existence, and before his death of cancer in 2009 shared a highly creative life with his master.

Ellis, a self-taught photographer, began taking photos at age 11 in his hometown of Brighton, England — a world away from the fast paced lifestyle he exists in today. “I got into photography because of my father. He was a keen amateur and showed me how to set an exposure on our family camera. I was hooked from then” he recalls.

When he moved to London in 1994, Ellis began his swift ascent up the fashion photography ladder, gradually building a client list which reads better than an Academy or CFDA Awards guest list and a portfolio which includes the likes of acclaimed fashion bibles i-D, The Face and various international Vogue’s and BAZAAR’s. He has also delved into the world of filmmaking including the Oscar-nominated short Cashback, and created ad campaigns for everyone from H&M to Jean Paul Gaultier.

Along the way Kubrick remained by Ellis’ side, accompanying the photographer at every turn to become a part of the action himself. Says Ellis, “throughout his life Kubrick accompanied me on most of my shoots. I just got into the habit of taking a portrait of him with whoever I was working with.”

Such is the impressive caliber of these shoots they have now been compiled into a book, Kubrick the Dog, which includes the best images of Kubrick throughout his life. The coffee table tome consists of 12 years of pictures — some from photoshoots, others documenting his battle with cancer. With a forward text by old friend and fashion icon Stella McCartney, the book showcases a dog who was a little bit naughty and a little bit human. A dog who was just as much at home on set as he was making a beeline for diners picnic baskets at the park.

Compiling the images was “cathartic” says Ellis, and he is thrilled so many people will get to enjoy Kubrick’s life just as he did over the years.  A beautiful book with a whole lot of heart, we think Kubrick would be proud

To see more of Sean Ellis’s work click here
Kubrick the dog is available at Amazon

Kubrick the Dog-Four, 19th December 2012


Christmas-Retail Offers, 10th December 2012

Yuletide Luxe

This Christmas, go all out for those you love.

Would you love to spread a little designer Christmas love but can’t afford the price tag?  Hate finding things you love in magazines then experiencing heart palpitations when you see the dreaded “Price On Application”? Fear that the only way you will ever get your hands on anything by Calvin, Stella or Marc is a cheap rip-off found in a back street market?

Well enough is enough. Everyone deserves a little something designer in their lives, and shouldn’t have to sell a kidney to get it.

Shop our edit of beautiful pieces that will give your giftee this Yuletide (or why not yourself!) the designer cache you crave.


Designer gear aside, sometimes even that isn’t enough because what do you get for the girl who has everything?

Fancy outfits-she’s got it. Designer handbag-she’s got several. A house full of exotic home wares? Don’t get us started.

It’s fair to say that your go-to items in the present drawer just aint gonna cut it. So where do you start?

Firstly ensure you think of her taste. If it’s fashion she’s hearting, go for a great book on a leading fashion icon. If she’s off on a trip, why not spoil her with a guide to all the good places?

We’ve picked a few treats we think she won’t be able to resist, but if in doubt stick to the general rules. If it’s an accessory or product that’s a little bit out there and shows you’ve given it some thought then trust us-she’s going to love it!


Christmas-Retail Offers, 10th December 2012

David Beckham-Retail Offers, 4th December 2012

Sportsman Style

Channel your inner soccer God with the epic stylings of Mr Beckham.

Forgive me for gushing but Wow!  I had forgotten what a good looking fella David Beckham really is!! Those eyes, that hair, that body…..

But I digress.

Becks is the name on everyone’s lips right now, with rumours rife over his next soccer appointment now he has played his final match for LA Galaxy.

Whatever he may so choose (Australia pretty please!!), one area he will forever remain a constant in is the style stakes. From his crazy hairdo’s, to his plethora of tatts, the man can make anything look seriously good.

Debonair Dad

Is there anything more attractive than a cute Dad? Whether he’s out watching the boys play soccer, or toting little Harper round town; Beckham always looks sharp. Dressed up or down he’s definitely giving Posh a run for her money at the school pickup!


Hats off to Becks

Yes David does have some seriously good hair, but on the days he’s just not feeling it, you will find him sporting a flat cap or knitted beanie. A good hat ups the cool factor of any guys attire, with the added bonus of keeping his noggin toasty warm.


Red Carpet Ready

Like any A-Lister, you are likely to find Becks walking the red carpet, Victoria on his arm, outfit sharp and ready to rock. Becks knows the importance of the little details, and shows us how a pocket hankerchief and tie bar can bring an outfit from a 9 to a 10.


David Beckham-Retail Offers, 4th December 2012

Ask Alice-Broadsheet, 3rd December 2012


Alice’s Tough Love

Illustrator and owner of Ask Alice Stationery, Sass Cocker, is doing her bit for our four-legged friends with a new calendar raising money for the Dog Rehabilitation Program.

Sass Cocker is adorable. The Canberra-born, Melbourne-based creator of Ask Alice Stationery may have studied fashion design at university, but it is her fanciful graphics and illustrations that have won her a legion of fans. Her latest project will do the same.

Following her 2011 calendar, which raised funds for the tsunami and earthquake victims in Japan, Cocker decided to make the calendars an annual project. Her latest is Tough Love, an assortment of cat and dog illustrations by a host of talented international artists, produced in aid of The Dog Rehabilitation Program.

The program rescues and relocates shelter dogs to a New South Wales prison to be cared for by inmates. From there, the pets are rehabilitated and re-homed, whilst their participating carers gain valuable experience and qualifications for a life working with animals on the outside.

In addition to changing the lives of our unloved furry friends, Cocker is also particularly conscious of the environment, ensuring all her products are ethically produced and environmentally friendly, with most printed at her local printers around the corner from her studio.

“I have been very stubborn about what materials I use as well as the processes used to make my products,” says Cocker.

From the very beginning, Cocker had a specific idea in mind as to what the final product would look like. Following her graduation, she spent several years in Tokyo and the wit and whimsy of Japanese culture has clearly been highly influential on the final product. As well as featuring her own work, Cocker contacted artists from all around the globe. The stellar line-up includes Melbourne textile designer Cat Rabbit, Dutch tattooist and painter Angelique Houtkamp and Belgian illustrator, painter and cartoonist Dieter VDO amongst a host of others.

“I was extremely ambitious with the artists I approached and I’m still a little stunned in regards to who I managed to bring on board,” she says.

Printed in a run of 1000 copies and selling at $20 apiece, there’s an awful lot of Tough Love to go around.

Tough Love Calenders are now available via

Ask Alice-Broadsheet, 3rd December 2012