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How to Make It when you’ve Made It-GXY Search, 29th February 2012

Successful Business People Showing Thumbs Up.How to Make It when you’ve Made It

Are you recently employed?  Or nearly employed?  Have you razzed up your CV, chatted to recruiters, nailed the interviews?  Well don’t pat yourself on the back just yet because even though you’ve made it, in the words of the legendary Tim Gunn (if you’re not a Project Runway fan surely you’re a Heidi Klum appreciator) it’s time to “Make It Work”!

These are the things you are not taught at school, you can’t read in a book, and are certainly not highlighted on the job description.  They are personality traits that will make you stand out from the pack, that make you memorable, that take you from average employee to indispensible employee.

Learn to take the job description itself with a grain of salt.  This doesn’t mean you need to disregard it entirely, but take the role and make it yours.  Think outside the box, stay late if you need to, think on your feet, adapt to the situation at hand and for Gods sake, use some bloody common sense!  Don’t wait to be told what to do-you were hired because you’re capable so sort it out!

The best employees are often those who are a little bit nutty.  Not Glenn Close bunny boiler nutty; but quirky in a good way.  A vibrant personality (note this is a quality to be found in loud and softly-spoken employees for those of you who may be a little shy) will foster a fun, friendly HAPPY working environment, and happy workers make better, more productive workers.  Know when it’s time to dial down the crazy though and learn to read the play.  Cracking gags while those around you are frantically trying to make a deadline won’t be appreciated.

Drive is crucial as well.  Never look back only forward.  Learn from your mistakes and always strive to improve upon what you have done before.  Tweak your formulas, your flowcharts, your weekly meetings.  Follow the pocesses set before you but if you know you can make them better then why wouldn’t you?

And if obstacles hit your path then knock em down.  Oprah Winfrey grew up dirt poor.  Steve Jobs dropped out of uni, Richard Branson didn’t even go.  What made them some of the most successful people in their fields?  They were always out to prove the naysayers wrong.

Be appreciative.  Stick up for the little person-speak on someone’s behalf if you believe they wont stand up for themselves.  Take pride in your team too and if they do a cracking job let them know!  It’s always nice to get a little love and it feels just as good to give.  A simple pat on the back will only improve team morale and will help with the aforementioned drive for greatness.  Don’t be a drip about it or OVER complimentary.  No one likes a suck up.

Similarly, if you have a problem with something or someone, take your superior aside and let them know.  No one wants to be known as the resident whinger, nor the resident bitch.  Poking fun at those around you, or worse, feeding off the office gossip is counterproductive and just plain not nice.

So if you want your own Apple, Virgin Airways or multi-national talk-show one day take your role, and Make It Work!!

How to Make It when you’ve Made It-GXY Search, 29th February 2012


What to expect during your Career Reboot-GXY Reboot, 22nd February 2012

Your new career signpost

What to expect during your Career Reboot

We talk a lot about career transition and rebooting your career here at GXY not only because we have a fabulous program that can help you sort your shit out, but also because many of us here have also experienced serious job confusion and if we can shed any light on the subject well that’s just peachy.

So as Sister Maria once trilled whilst frolicking in the Austrian countryside-lets start at the very beginning: your career reboot basics.  Making the change is likely to be a barrage of highs and lows so it’s good to get an idea of what to expect.

 Firstly, learn to love the waiting game cos waiting to hear back for a job can be rather like sitting by the phone waiting for a date to call.  Once you have signed up for the obligatory search boards like SEEK, The Loop, Mumbrella and Pedestrian.TV (to name but a few), joined a recruitment company like GXY Search, and sent out seemingly thousands of letters of interest; chances are you will only hear back from a handful.

Speaking of resumes, be prepared to get yours in tip top shape.  A crap resume will not be accepted, nor will one filled with useless information-no one cares that you were the lead singer in year 9 choir, nor that you won the 25 metre sprint in Prep.

Your cover letter should also sparkle, and be tailored towards the job you are applying for.  The extra effort will always be appreciated.

As we have mentioned here before, you may also need to think outside the square and work on your contacts.  Networking is a key part of the career transition process and as you can be introduced to some brilliant people.

You must also come up with a plan should you get the call that you are wanted for an interview.  A quick Google Search will turn up a host of frequently asked interview questions and a recruiter can easily guide you along the right path.

Be prepared though, that despite all your hard work, sometimes fate steps in to mess with your plans. It’s a tough part of the job seeking reality but sometimes, even when you do your best, the fates align against you and you miss out.  It’s up to you however to scrape yourself off the ground and get back out there.

Trust us, the right position will come along eventually and all the effort will be worth it.

What to expect during your Career Reboot-GXY Reboot, 22nd February 2012

Hanoi Hannah-Broadsheet, 22nd February 2012

hanoiPhotography: Josie Withers

Vietnam Down South at Hanoi Hannah

A Vietnamese hawker kitchen has opened up just off Chapel Street, serving pho, noodles and banh mi rolls.

Noticing a serious lack of hawker-style food in Melbourne’s southeast, The Saint’s Simon Blacher and Paul Nguyen, together with Nick Coulter of Sarti in the CBD, have crafted a fresh and affordable offering from a hawker kitchen just off bustling Chapel Street.

Similar in style to many of the restaurants along Victoria Street in Richmond and Abbotsford – though perhaps without the picture menus and bland décor – rather than blending Asian cuisines, Hanôi Hannah’s menu is made up entirely of traditional Vietnamese street-eats, albeit offering a few modern twists (think pork belly sliders).

The most expensive item on the menu is a low $13, with the three phô dishes (beef, chicken and mixed mushroom) a standout and options including crispy betel leaf cigars, DIY kingfish rice paper rolls, a shredded duck and glass noodle salad, not to mention the ever-popular banh mi rolls.

Washed down with a lychee and lemongrass caipiroska or a jug of white wine sangria, Hanôi Hannah is cheap and a cheerful dinner option to enjoy with friends, and a nod to the fiery Asian influence we are seeing in popular, casual eateries such as Chin Chin and Miss Chu’s tuckshop.

All food is made to order and is available to eat onsite or to take away.

Hanoi Hannah-Broadsheet, 22nd February 2012

Building your Brand Part One: Mantras-GXY Search, 20th February 2012

GXY-CD-16th-February-2012-imageBuilding your Brand Part One: Mantras

Sometimes at GXY Headquarters we come across some genius articles that we simply can’t ignore, they are so super spot on.  Such was the case this morning when PR whiz Nick Smith came across this little ripper via The Daily Muse on, entitled The First Step to Building Your Personal Brand.

During the career transition process, (and even when you are gainfully employed), every single move you make will be thoroughly scrutinised; so it is important that when you are jobseeking, you discover your brand and what it stands for, and continue to maintain it to the best of your ability.

Don’t be naïve when assessing your employer’s personality, as no matter how cupcake cute and cuddly they may appear, their first movement will be to jump on the web and track your online footprint.  And if a job role comes down to you and someone else who is not puffing away/bleary eyed/swearing like a sailor on Facebook, it’s pretty much a given the latter will come up trumps.

So how do you ensure your brand is bloody brill?  Well, the first step according to the aforementioned article is to develop your brand ‘mantra’.

Now hold your horses those of you with a phobia of all things Age of Aquarius, as we are not suggesting you grow dreads and join a naked chanting circle.  In the case of your personal branding mantra we are simply suggesting a catchphrase of sorts, that will sum up who you are and what you represent.

The Daily Muse suggests a few simple steps.  For the purpose of this post lets pick a case study,  up-and-coming actor Ryan Gosling.   Ok I have Oscars on the brain but it IS round the corner and don’t fret as once we hit the 27th July it’ll be all about the Olympics baby.

But back to branding mantras.

The first step is to find your emotional appeal.  Are you organised? Hysterically funny?  Incredibly wise?  It doesn’t have to be elaborate either, it can be as simple as HAPPY or SAD.  Also note that there are no negative connotations in branding.  If you were to pick a word like ‘sad’ you must recognise that may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if this is applicable to the roles you are interested in then go for it!

Consider how you make people feel, and what others think of you.  The perfect word for Ryan is obviously DREAMY but for his emotional appeal let’s go with ROMANTIC.  This is probably a little one-dimensional as he obviously has more than rom-com appeal, but it’s definitely one of his emotional traits.  And come on, even blokes were moved by The Notebook.

Next you need to determine a description for yourselves-what do you stand for, what is your industry?  If you were an athlete you could pick FIT, ACTIVE etc.  Maybe you are a little less black and white, and are simply CREATIVE.  As RG’s field is on the silver screen, let’s pick ENTERTAINING.

Finally, your brand mantra must reflect what it is you actually do!  Are you a writer, graphic deigner, plumber, PR whiz, media magnate, marketing guru, fashionista?  What services can you offer?  What makes you stand out from the crowd?  Gosling would be a PERFORMER.

So there you have it folks-a chant free guide to get your brand on a roll, the first step to a successful career reboot.

And now let us leave you with one of the all time great moments in cinematic history, starring our ROMANTIC, ENTERTAINING PERFORMER Mr Ryan Gosling.

Building your Brand Part One: Mantras -GXY Search, 20th February 2012

Pinterest-the New Kid on the Social Media Block-GXY Search, 16th February 2012


Pinterest-the New Kid on the Social Media Block

So by now you have all managed to work your social media magic on Facebook, Twitter and Linked In.  You’ve bought the book, seen the movie and are essentially the whiz kid on the social media block.  So now it’s time to up the ante and go new school.  It’s time to get to know Pinterest. This new, powerful marketing tool is bloody killing it, with a recent Shareaholic Referral Traffic Report reporting “Pinterest drives more referral traffic Than Google Plus, YouTube and LinkedIn combined!”  OMG!

 Signing up to Pinterest (done by requesting an invite or receiving one from a fellow pinterest using friend) allows you to create several virtual pinboards. Essentially, when you see a pretty picture on a website you can ‘pin it’ to one of your boards.  These pins are instantly attributed to the site they came from (freeing you from any nasty copyright infringement issues), and aide you and your followers to click through to said image and often buy the displayed product.

This means if you have wares to sell you can essentially add their images to a pinboard which will then link them back to YOUR website allowing for greater traffic to your brand.  Don’t be too one-dimensional though-mix it up.  Your pinboards can be of anything you like, not just YOU YOU YOU!  Throw in some funny pictures boards, fashion images you love, sporting heros, gadgets you want to buy-the possibilities are literally endless!  Brides bloody love it and go wedding crazy with pinboards for flowers, jewellery, settings…

Remember though, this is still social media and thus is utilised best when you ‘follow’ others, ‘like’ their posts and ‘share’ their stuff you also like.  The more you interact with others the more hits you are likely to get in return.

The Pinterest point is also all about the visual.  There is no point in linking to articles or anything else in that vein as it’s the wrong platform to do so.  Stick to eye-catching images and if you need more info add in a short, sharp description and even pricing.

Pinterest can also be used to get a little inside into the folks having a squiz at your boards.  Now by no means are we suggesting a crazy single white female-esque stalk show into those that have been kind enough to follow you; but rather an important marketing insight into what the people like, and want-a valuable resource to keep your pinboards current and in demand.


Pinterest-the New Kid on the Social Media Block-GXY Search, 16th February 2012

Natural Networking-GXY Reboot, 14th February 2012

Business Networking

Natural Networking

So you’ve made the scary decision of transitioning careers-congratulations!!  It takes guts to chase your dreams and partake in new adventures.  They may not always pan out perfectly first time round but to aid you in your quest it is best to BE PREPARED.

A fabulous way to get some insight into your next career, or better yet GET YOU A JOB, is networking.  Bear in mind however that this is not a license to go to a party, get trashed, laugh loudly (and phonily) at every lame joke, and come home with a bunch of business cards.  Chances are, your overbearing ways will simply turn off a potential employer.

On the flip side, if you are a naturally bubbly, perhaps loud personality that is OK-it’s important to be yourself as people will relate to you more easily.  Just read the play and scope out your group, and if you need to tone it down so be it.  Some of you may also be a little shyer or even introverted and that’s OK too.  This is a big step you are embarking on and being thrust into a room of experts could cause even the most attention-seeking applicant to shrink back.

Here it is important to listen to what is being said, take some time to process what is being said and ask questions if necessary.  Do a bit of research before hand so you can hold your own, but also take the event as an opportunity to learn.

A bit of small talk can also be a good way to lighten the mood.  OK so maybe don’t start with the state of Brangelina’s marriage (unless it is relevant to the field, in which case go for it!), but scan the paper that day for some interesting headlines, talk about the food or venue you are in, or even go for something more personal like favourite books, movies etc.  It’s not Academy Award winning dialogue but it will serve to lighten the mood and warm you up to more important queries.

It’s best also to focus on one conversation at a time of between 2 to 4 people at most.  Regaling a room full of people with your theories on life to a group of strangers may come off a little overbearing.  Sticking to small groups will increase your chances of making solid foundations and connections.

So the next time you are at an event, strike up a conversation with someone-you never know where it may lead you…

Natural Networking-GXY Search, 14th February 2012

Let’s talk Money Honey-GXY Search, 14th February 2012

GXY-Search-8th-February-2012-imageLet’s talk Money Honey

Of all the conversations we will have in our lifetimes a percentage of them are bound to be incredibly awkward.  Atop this list is easily “the talk” with your parents about the birds and the bees (probably highly unnecessary anyway, as we all really learn the facts of life on the playground, and your parents only do ‘it’ to procreate no?).

Coming in at a strong second is that awkward moment in a job interview when the discussion turns to salary.  You’ve smiled, dazzled and wowed them with your skills when suddenly the subject of money hits the table.  Many job experts will strongly advise against bringing this tricky subject up yourself, but what do you do if the interviewer does?

This is a sensitive topic and one that should be handled with care.  If you reveal high salary expectations you could easily come off as greedy.  If you offer up too low an expectation you could be taken for a ride, and more importantly making it trickier to pay off those dreaded credit card bills.

Hopefully, prior to your interview you have done a little research.  Checked out salary surveys online, viewed the market research, chatted to recruiters, even chatted to people in similar roles.  This will at least give you an insight into the potential of the role payment.

Take into consideration not only what price you want, but what you think you deserve.  Confidence is key here, whatever salary expectation you reveal you must be able to back it up with your skills and abilities in line with such a package, and BELIEVE IT! Salary increases are all about paying for performance – just demonstrate to your boss your results and achievements, as this will speak volumes.

Don’t forget either that perks can always sweeten a deal.  The salary on offer may be slightly lower than you’d hoped but what of the bonuses?  Is it a great culture to work in?  This is a crucial point, because if you hate your co-workers you are likely to grow to hate the job.

Do they offer bonuses? Does the company finish at 3pm on Fridays? Do they have lunch time personal training? Maybe you get free tickets to events and parties? Is there potential to move to a greater salary down the line?

Similarly, consider the expectations of a higher salary.  Often this will come with a side of longer working hours (including weekends), or the belief that you will be available for contact 24 hours, seven days a week.  Now I don’t know about you, but receiving an urgent email in the wee hours of a Sunday morning is not high on my list of priorities.

So heed this advice job seekers, and hopefully you will be rewarded accordingly.

Let’s talk Money Honey-GXY Search, 14th February 2012