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Brown Sugar-Retail Offers, 25th June 2012

PonteAre you wearing the ultimate fabric to hide all ills?

Feel trim and terrific in weary Winter. Ponte is the ultimate fabric for looking fab whilst hiding all ills.

With the cold and wet weather encroaching on our lives, we turn to items of comfort in order to wade through the doldrums.  Read: hearty meals and days tucked up indoors.  While this may work wonders on your mental state, your waistline may not be so lucky, and perish the possibility you need to leave the house.  Enter ponte, the miracle stretch fabric that will suck you in and smooth you out.  A huge hit in the 70’s, ponte pants, dresses and skirts are back in a big way.  We’ve sourced some beauties for you, the fabulous pair in the title pic from Brown Sugar, a steal at only $59.95.  And the best part?  They are not only super comfortable but oh so chic too.

Brown Sugar-Retail Offers, 25th June 2012


Alannah Hill-Retail Offers, 13th June 2012

Alanna HillAlannah Hill

Fun, fruity, flirty and fabulous is all the rage this season. Embrace feminine stylings with Alannah Hill.

Whether it’s the Mad Men effect or simply a changing in the tides away from the just-rolled-out-of-bed look; ultra feminine womenswear featured heavily on the local and international runways.

Here in Australia, the ultimate go-to for girly fashion is undoubtedly Alannah Hill.  Hill launched her eponymous label many moons ago, and since has always remained loyal to her aesthetic.

Her most recent collection retains the girly fun she does so well, with every sequin, bow, frill and flounce a carefully considered detail. Inspired by everything from romance and love to magic and ‘marvellousness’; donning a skirt, dress or cardigan from Alannah Hill is the perfect way to channel this look.

And of course, no outfit is complete without an accessory or two.  We have our eyes on the Let Them Eat Cake Gloves (just one of many deliciously sweet names), to add a little razzle dazzle to your day.

Alannah Hill-Retail Offers, 13th June 2012

Seduce-Retail Offers, 12th June 2012


Keep warm this winter with a luscious fur from Seduce-the ultimate in luxurious glamour.

Is there anything sexier than fur? Loved and adored by the old and young, fur is coveted by timeless, fashionable celebs the world over-think Bianca Jagger, Jackie O, Kate Moss and the Devil in Prada herself Ms Anna Wintour.

Unfortunately for us mere mortals, fur can be elusive due to astronomical prices.  Enter Seduce, the sexy Australian womenswear label that will keep you draped in lustrous fur without needing to take out a second mortgage.

This season, not only is their latest Autumn/Winter collection wallet friendly, it’s beautiful too.  Running the gamut of fashion attire, the collection features vests, jackets and collars available in neutrals, blues, and sassy stripes.

Perfect paired with skinny jeans for lunch with the gals, or draped over a frock for a fabulous night on the town, fur is an investment item that will last the test of time in your wardrobe.

So find your inner Jagger and head to Seduce for a little bit of luxe.

Seduce-Retail Offers, 12th June 2012

Converse Kids-Retail Offers, 9th June 2012

Con Kids 1Kids Love Cons

Converse shoes- the perfect walking wear for every stylish tot.

As has been mentioned before on this site, we are avid fans of mini Cons, the kicks du jour for our beloved little ones.

Con Kids 2

Started way back in 1908 as an exercise in rubber soled shoes, the Converse brand was tied to basketball, and quickly became a cult item. The ultimate in comfort and cool, Cons still retain their popularity today.

Made in a range of colours, prints, fabrics-you name it they’ve tried it-these sneakers have been gracing the feet of sportsmen and celebs for years.  And in their latest incarnation they have made their way to the tootsies of the tinies.

We reckon if it’s good enough for a Baby Spice and a Kool Kardashian Kid, it’s good enough for us too! Get your hands on a pair for your little one today and watch them scour the streets in style.

Converse Kids-Retail Offers, 9th June 2012

Farage-Retail Offers, 9th June 2012


Impeccable Tailoring For Women and Men

What woman doesn’t look sensational in a pussy bow blouse or tailored shift?  And who can resist a man in a sharp suit, shirt unbuttoned, hair oh-so-carefully tousled?

Aussie brand Farage has been at the forefront of many a fashionista’s mind since it’s inception in 1998.  Creators of impeccably tailored mens and womenswear, and designed AND MADE in Australia; the label has a distinct Parisian flair that can be easily translated from day to night.

As we all know, trends may come and go, but classic never goes out of style.  Adding a look from Farage such as a stunning wool dress or iconic tweed jacket,­­­ will ensure you will never be at a loss for a fabulous outfit.

Every aspect of Farage is carefully curated, and to complement the garments, each of their stores are fitted out in sleek, immaculate style by renowned interior designer Greg Natale.  Pop in and have a look for yourself, and while you are there, spend smarter and pick up a few beautiful investment pieces for yourself at their end of season sale.

Farage-Retail Offers, 9th June 2012

Printspace-Retail Offers, 7th June 2012


Make your child’s room sweet yet sleek with a fabulous piece of art from Printspace.

Decorating a nursery can be tough. Finding a happy medium between super cute and sickeningly cutesy can seem as difficult as deciding on a baby’s name. Enter Printspace, the contemporary artwork inspired by “Mid 20th Century design, Danish design and vintage advertising posters”.

Created by Mara and Nicholas Girling, each piece is made using environmentally friendly materials to entice and excite any boy or girl. While these days parents often choose to find out bubs’ sex prior to their birth, many don’t, so the onus to keep such a sacred space gender-neutral is imperative, and Printspace prints will tick that box as well.

The funky prints feature planes, owls, rockets and birds and are perfect for the young, or any adult with a sense of fun.

Printspace-Retail Offers, 7th June 2012

Penny Scallan-Retail Offers, 7th June 2012

Penny ScallanPenny Scallan

Shiny, happy chic in all the colours of the rainbow

What kid doesn’t love bright colours and awesome prints?  And what mum doesn’t drool at the sight of a beautiful, well-made bag?

Penny Scallan is your one-stop-shop for all things fun and fabulous, providing unique bags and accessories for Mum’s and bubs alike, made in high-quality, durable fabrics and designed with fashion at the forefront.

Established nine years ago, the Penny Scallan range is vast, and caters to all needs.  Kids need not want for anything with their delectable range of hair clips, back packs, raincoats and toys all adorned with cars, stars and stripes, and all made to last no matter what mischief your little one may encounter.

Mums are not forgotten either and can complete any outfit or home with a cute spotted tote or cotton throw.  Even nappy bags are given a fresh modern look, as who should ever compromise on style?

Whatever your needs, there is sure to be something bright and gorgeous to fit them at Penny Scallan.

Penny Scallan-Retail Offers, 7th June 2012