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Macaron-Broadsheet, 25th November 2011

macaronPhotography: Peter Tarasiuk

Almost French

Get marooned at Macaron.

Take heed all you sweet toothed folks out there, for this new French-style cafe is sure to have you spending up big at the dentist. Macaron in Glenferrie Road is the creation of Mauritian-born, Australian-based chefs Kevin Curpen and Pascal Lo, who both boast an impressive pedigree (Brunettis, Laurent, Crown) and who are now bringing Malvernites a taste of traditional French cuisine with a few modern flavours and techniques.

With all menu items created in-house (creams, chocolates, breads and all), each chef is responsible for either savoury or sweet. Pascal handles the savoury side of things and ensures the French baguettes, quiches and salads are made with the finest of ingredients (bien sur), taste delicious and are visually alluring. Curpen handles the sugary side of the cafe and toils daily on his heavenly creations, from hazelnut slabs to haute couture mille-feuille.

And just when you thought the macaron fad was over, it is the rainbow explosion of round little sweeties that really draws attention and makes this place stand out from the pack. At $2.50 a piece and available solo, in packs or in glorious towers, these sugary treats come in a variety of flavours. Think salted caramel, Nutella or cheesecake. Whichever way, they’re simply impossible to resist.

Macaron-Broadsheet, 25th November 2011


Le Sausage-Broadsheet, 10th November 2011


Le Sausage Gourmet Hot Dogs

A red hot BBQ on wheels.

Who doesn’t love a delicious sausage, snuggled in a bread blanket, laden with onions and mustard and served with a side of hot chips! Alex Talimanidis (formerly of Kostas in Lorne and A La Grecque in Airey’s Inlet) certainly does, as is evidenced in his new venture Le Sausage.

Born from the love of a good snag, Talimanidis, together with girlfriend Laura Thompson, sourced their big red fire truck, and with a whole lot of elbow grease, transformed it into the sizzling sausage-mobile it is today.

The sausages themselves are from Gruner’s Butcher & Deli in St Kilda and were carefully sourced after a rigorous taste-test of the best franks in Melbourne. With five delicious gourmet options on offer – Polish, Hungarian, Chorizo, Hot and Spicy and Italian Pork – and sides including caramelised onion and sauerkraut, it’s a meat lover’s heaven!

The beauty of Le Sausage is that it’s always on the move. They made their debut at Birregurra Farmers’ Market with appearances scheduled for Meredith and Falls Festivals. In the meantime, keep your eyes peeled on their Twitter feed and Facebook page for their whereabouts.

Le Sausage-Broadsheet, 10th November 2011

BMW, FPC Advertorial-Real Living, November 2011

BMW, FPC Advertorial-Harper’s BAZAAR, November 2011