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Kaprica-Broadsheet, 30th October 2012

KapricaPhotography: Kristoffer Paulsen

Barbagallo’s New Pizza Paradise

We predict big things for new Barbagallo hotspot Kaprica in Carlton.

Popping in for an impromptu chat at 6pm with Kaprica owner Pietro Barbagallo was a mistake. With the place already filling up with customers, it’s hard to imagine that he’ll have a chance to stop. You see, Pietro Barbagallo, the man who opened beloved eateries Barbagallo and I Carusi, is not the kind of guy to avoid getting his hands dirty. In fact, now, he is hard at work, arms elbow-deep in flour. When he’s not creating circles of dough, he’s cutting toppings or managing the oven. It’s quite the performance and it’s all done without breaking a sweat.

Descriptors like “rustic” and “charming” are thrown around all to flippantly when describing traditional, home-style eateries. But in the case of Kaprica, they’re both valid. There’s nothing overly fancy about the space and there needn’t be, with a selection of mismatched wooden tables, unpolished floors and a couple of outdoor window seats with a view over Lincoln Park in Carlton for balmy evenings. You could easily get carried away here, as it’s just as cosy as being at home, yet still tinged with enough theatre to ensure you have a good time.

It’s a given that the food is good, as we always knew it would be – the man can even make a broccoli pizza look enticing. Any time of the day is good for a visit too, with a couple of breakfast specials at your disposal, a couple of yummy looking Italian mains and some heavenly looking desserts like tiramisu and Campari granita all at extremely reasonable prices. You really can’t go past the pizza though, and after watching the labour and love that goes into each and every one in the exposed kitchen, you won’t want to.

Kaprica-Broadsheet, 30th October 2012


Alannah Hill-Retail Offers, 23rd October 2012

Timeless Beauty

This Season, invest in beautiful garments from Alannah Hill, whose extensive collection will last the test of time in any wardrobe.

As we have mentioned before, Alannah Hill is a label of ultimate femininity. Luxe fabrics and fine details are the norm for this stalwart Australian label and from season to season they stay true to their aesthetic-and for good reason.

The beauty of the Alannah Hill range is its ability to stay current, with fabulous pieces that will remain just as fabulous in five months or five years. This season, invest in some statement pieces to pull out for any wedding, Christmas, family or friends occasion, go-to items you can fall back on time after time. The range runs the gamut of everything a gal could want, including a hot new iAccessory range.

ah 1Visiting Alannah Hill for the Spring Racing Carnival is also a must. With their extensive range of killer dresses, hats and heels, you are sure to find the perfect piece for the track, from a black and white Derby Day delight, to a fitted shift adorned in garlands of flowers.  For those who aren’t so keen on a full brimmed hat, why not add a floral or diamante headband-it will keep you looking the part without feeling too overdone.

ah 2Alannah Hill-Retail Offers, 23rd October 2012

La Svolta-Broadsheet, 19th October 2012

La SvoltaPhotography: Martina Gemmola

La Svolta: Like Mamma Makes It

Prahran residents are getting a fresh taste of Italy with the all new La Svolta.

La Svolta, the new Italian pizzeria and rosticceria in Prahran, is a perfect embodiment of Italy. If the sound of a broad Italian accent doesn’t give it away, the sight of cured meats and robust cheeses mingling with the aroma of freshly baked dough most certainly will.

Owned by Valerio Calabro and Giuseppe ‘Pino’ Russo, the restaurant is the second for the pair who met some five years ago, opening the original La Svolta in Hampton a few years back.

As those lucky Hampton residents know, La Svolta isn’t about bells and whistles. This is a venue built as a family affair dedicated to traditional, honest, home-style Italian grub. In fact, when Calabro’s mother popped into town she headed straight to the kitchen to lend a hand, and it’s likely Russo’s will do the same when she visits shortly.

With the inclusion of all the equipment you would find in a true Italian kitchen, La Svolta is one of only three restaurants nationally that are AVPN (Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana) certified. This means that it tastes like Naples because it’s made exactly the same way.

The pizza comes in a variety of guises and pasta, risotto and mains are revamped daily. The front bar is bookended by a glass display case. By day you can pick from sumptuous sandwiches made fresh for a takeaway lunch (as well as takeaway everything else), while in the evening you can gorge yourself silly on Antipasto.

La Svolta-Broadsheet, 19th October 2012

Willow-Retail Offers, 16th October 2012

willowFine Lines

This season embrace clean lines and structural tailoring with Willow.

Ever since her star spangled brassieres made an appearance on the Australian fashion scene, Kit Willow’s namesake brand has continued to go from strength to strength; with a multitude of collections under her belt since her debut in 2003, showings from Sydney to New York to London, and multiple stockists across the globe.

This season, Willow has taken the clean lines and minimal aesthetic she is known for and pumped up the volume, via print, leather, and awe-inspiring shapes.

While her garments will always maintain the romantic edge we have come to love, for Resort 2013 they have been built around a framework of utilitarian edge.

Tailored shorts in crisp whites mix with sheer oversized shirting and leather vests are secured with angular zips. Dresses feature cut outs to accentuate the chest and small of the back, and asymmetrical hems are lined in silver creating a futuristic embellishment to an otherwise classic LBD.

All in all, the Willow brand has yet again proved it’s here to stay, and will only improve with age.

Willow-Retail Offers, 16th October 2012

Station Street Trading Co.-Broadsheet, 8th October 2012

Station Street

Photography: Eve Wilson
Station Street Trading Co. Opens
The boys behind Coin Laundry make their mark on Port Melbourne with a quintessential neighbourhood hangout.
If you’re reading this, chances are you live in Melbourne and are savvy to a plethora of fabulous eateries, bars and cafes. In fact, you’d be hard pressed to find a suburb that doesn’t offer delicious coffee and amazing grub.

With such fantastic venues at hand, we’re often spoiled for choice and it seems that what people really want now is a welcoming local hangout – a place where the staff are friendly, the food is consistently good and you feel comfortable whizzing in for a takeaway cuppa in your trackies, or whiling away a sunny afternoon with your friends and family. In Port Melbourne, newly established cafe, Station Street Trading Co. fits that bill perfectly.

Founded by Steve Rowley and Matt Vero (the old owners of Coin Laundry) along with Cam Reid (the man behind Sydney bar Chingalings) and Hugh Hindle (who you might recognise from MoVida bakery), you’d be hard pressed to find a more welcoming place. The guys themselves are the kind of blokes you’d want to be mates with and their energy and passion for the project is palpable throughout.

The team has been carefully renovating the space over the last three months and having a great time while they were at it. From sanding tables, painting walls and sourcing chairs (they drew the line at building things above eye level, lest it end in disaster), the entire operation has been a passion project and one they are proud to have worked on from the ground up. Locals walking past couldn’t help but peer in to check out the progress, excited to see what the one-time lolly shop and one-time boot makers had now become.

“Every neighbourhood needs a quintessential neighbourhood cafe, and that’s what Station Street Trading Co. is…just a little bit on steroids,” says Rowley.

As with Coin Laundry, the cafe is approachable and created to fit the needs of local residents, workers and commuters. The menu is seasonal and created using high-quality, locally sourced products. There’s a focus on old classics with a modern twist, such as the egg and bacon roll created with house-made barbecue and tomato sauce and there’s also modern staples like zucchini and goats cheese fritters.

The lunch menu is intentionally small to allow the cabinets – bursting with freshly made sandwiches – to become the focus. However, if you are after something a bit heartier, the Trading Co. Burger should hit the spot.

The key difference with Station Street Trading Co. will be a newfound emphasis on takeaway goods, to satisfy the hunger and thirst of the bustling nearby workers crowd. From cups of Allpress coffee (made on the new La Marzocco strada machine) to daily special eats, there will be plenty on hand for those on the run, without having to compromise on quality.

The venue itself is the ultimate for sun-dappled days as it’s positioning opposite Port Melbourne’s Smith Reserve ensures the light is forever in its favour. Customers are invited to dine inside or alfresco, with cosy interior seating and a plethora of seats wrapped around its exterior on offer. Alternatively, if the park across the street is calling your name, the boys have a range of made-to-order picnic baskets complete with coffee, OJ, main and sweet treat of your choice.

With no rest for the wicked, there are already plans to start construction on another venture. But the benefit of having four directors is that there will always be someone on hand to make sure all is running smoothly at Station Street, so you can rest assured the food and service will be up to scratch.

Station Street Trading Co.-Broadsheet, 8th October 2012

Free Stitch-Four, 3rd October 2012

Free Stitch

Easy Peasy Japanesey

Residents of Tokyo have long been known for their ability to start trends, go wild, and never do things by halves — and their pets are by no means an exception. Such is the concept behind Free Stitch. The dog accessory label started by a group of Tokyo-based graphic designers hungry for simple and high quality apparel for their dogs has since morphed into an extensive range of beautiful goods.

Says Director Tomofumi Komori, “Japanese suppliers, retailers and consumers are looking towards the future of pet care in Japan, and are encouraging a balanced lifestyle between owners and their dogs. To others, it may seem like Japanese people are too crazy about their pets but for us it is just another way of enjoying our lives with our pets.”

Free Stitch’s parent company, Full Size Image Corp, is known for brand identities and design for fashion and interiors and everything in between; and the expertise carries through to the dog line. The understated products stand out precisely as a result of their high-quality design and sophistication; and range from dog collars and jackets to tote bags and bedding (with most materials sourced locally.)

The campaigns, which are nothing short of gorgeous, are shot by in-house photographers renowned for their portraiture skills. The pups featured are in themselves an interesting bunch found in all manner of places. Some, like cute Chihuahua Papiko, were scouted at a charity photoshoot (she ended up with second place after killing it in the clothes), others are selected from applications submitted through their website. As part of their ongoing animal support, Free Stitch also ensure at least one dog included in the catalogue comes from a shelter “to encourage people to change their lives with their pets for the better through the brand message.”

The company’s approach is to never take themselves too seriously, and still manage to create a quality result. Says Komori, “I think it’s important to have a sense of humor when working with animals because a lot of things go wrong or sometimes the dogs don’t do what we want to them do, however I also think that running this company needs a sense of balance. It is important to be serious about the challenges we face and our commitment to quality, but also to enjoy the working environment and the joys of working with pets”.

With such fine products and a brand made with heart, Free Stitch is on the right track.

Images Courtesy of Free Stitch

Free Stitch-Four, 3rd October 2012

Style After Dark-Broadsheet, 4th October 2012

Style After DarkStyle in the Starlight

South Melbourne Market’s famed Style After Dark market is back for a fourth year.

Style After Dark is the popular after hours hotspot at the South Melbourne Market, which has been celebrating local designers and artisans for four years now and boasts over 50 stalls selling wares without the trap of high rents and long term leases. And it’s enticing a whole new audience in the process.

Open every Thursday for 12 weeks (which will keep things lively all the way through the festive season), Style After Dark will be held Under the Verandah on Coventry and Cecil Streets and will feature stalls from a number of talented designers plus a host of musical acts. This year, South Melbourne Market’s own SO ME store will also be open throughout the event, replete with dresses, DJs and drag queens.

As with any occasion, food is of massive importance and this year the market will play host to a number of food vans snaking around Coventry Street including Melbourne’s beloved Taco Truck, as well as other delicious eateries like Italian Brasserie and Claypots Evening Star.

Those who attend the markets will also be supporting young local talent, with design school students avidly involved and supported and locally designed, locally made and locally collected vintage clothing and associated products at the forefront.

Style After Dark-Broadsheet, 4th October 2012