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Aurelio Costarella-Retail Offers, 28th September 2012


Frocks for Fillies

Release your inner goddess (no not THAT inner goddess) this Spring Racing Carnival with Aurelio Costarella.

There comes a time in every woman’s life when it’s time to get glam, and the Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival is one of them. While many attend the races with a tipple or trifecta on the brain; the real race to be won is in the fashion stakes.

While it may seem like a day to go all out with your outfit, the key to races dressing is comfortable elegance-you’re not on the red carpet at the Oscars so don’t overdo it! What you need is a frock to keep you looking chic, but not like you’ve tried too hard. So where can one find such a magical garment?

Aurelio Costarella is an Australian label launched here in 2000; and is adored by celebrities ranging from Melissa George and Dannii Minogue to the Kardashians and Kelly Rowland.

With a focus on chic sophistication, Aurelio Costarella’s dresses have grown a strong following for those special red carpet occasions, and his cleverly detailed pieces are no stranger to the best dressed lists.

Now in its 12th year, the keenly designed pieces all boast sharp tailoring and quality craftsmanship ensuring it’s a label that will last the test of time. So the next time you feel panic when the races roll around, look no further than Costarella.

Aurelio Costarella- Retail Offers 28th September 2012


Get New York Style the Fashionwise Way-Retail Offers, 28th September 2012

Part 2-NYC

New York City. The place where fine dining, street chic, culture and cool all collide into a fantastical jumble of aspiration. From downtown to the upper echelons, fashion dreams are made here, and no outfit is ever too outrageous.

Dining in Style

If Blair Waldorf has taught us anything, it is that you can never be too overdressed-particularly in the Big Apple. With an abundance of fabulous restaurants at your fingertips you will be never be at a loss for a delicious meal. Dine in style with a fabulous dress, wicked clutch and killer heels. Don’t forget-accessories can turn up the volume on any evening attire.


The Chic Shopper

For lazy days strolling the streets, admiring shop windows and indulging in people watching; you will want to look casual and comfortable, yet as always, uber cool. Pulling off the “I just threw this on but damn I look fabulous” look isn’t as easy as it may first seem, so the trick is not to over think it! Throw on a printed dress and gladiators and tie it together with a neon clutch and floppy hat; and you’ll be mistaken for a local in no time!

Street Chic

Cultural Couture

NYC is known for its abundance of galleries-from the Met to the MOMA to the Guggenheim. Clever classic is always best to admire art and artefacts so shop smarter and invest in iconic. Think striped tops, capris and a ballet flat. Flawless.

LadylikeGet New York Style the Fashionwise Way-Retail Offers, 28th September 2012

Fred Bare-Retail Offers, 25th September 2012

Fred 1Surfs Up

Summer’s almost here and everybody’s goin’ surfin’. Help the kiddies hang ten with stylish pieces from Fred Bare- available from The Iconic.

School holidays are upon us and chances are you and your family will be heading to the seaside, for time spent building sandcastles, soaking up the sunshine (responsibly!) and whiling the days away playing in the waves.

To get the ultimate enjoyment out of these balmy beach breaks one must always look the part and your brood is no exception-if you can don killer shades and stylish swimwear, why should the rest of the crew look daggy?

Fred 3

Fred Bare is a titan in the Australian childrenswear biz, and has been making waves since it launched some 20 years ago.  This season, the collection invokes a California Dreamin’ sensibility, boasting tees adorned with playful prints, and boardies awash with all manner of Tropicana.

Fred 2Fred Bare-Retail Offers, 25th September 2012

Get International Style the Fashionwise Way-Retail Offers, 12th September 2012

Part One-L.A.

While Australia is undoubtedly a nation where fashion is at the forefront; there are always times when it’s fun to shake things up and pull from international flair. This week we’re chronicling the City of Angels and what to wear when staking out the city.


Who could resist a day at the happiest place on Earth? Keep it casual and comfortable in lightweight fabrics-remember you could be tapping you toes in a queue for a while. Don’t take your outfit too seriously, fashion should be fun, and what better place to run with it!


The Beach

Who could venture to Cali without a day spent on the sand? When in LA spend some time on Venice Beach, or head to Santa Monica for the pier. Mum and Dad can relax while the little ones play, and you can all go nuts on hot dogs and fairy floss. A hot pair of bathers is a must and of course shades are essential.


Wine and Dine

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of LA? In a word-Glamour.  Los Angeles is the place where stars come out to shine so why should you be any different?  Whip out a beautiful dress and killer heels, and enjoy a fabulous night on the town. Remember, colour is an essential element in sun drenched cities, so don’t be afraid to go bright! Just ensure you keep your overall tones consistent.

Dinner BrightsGet International Style the Fashionwise Way-Retail Offers, 12th September 2012

Yo-Chi-Broadsheet Weekend, September 2012

YochiPhotography: Bonnie Savage

Take a stroll down Carlisle Street this weekend and check out Yo-Chi – a new self-serve yogurt bar with over 22 toppings to choose from.

Opening its doors last week, Yo-Chi’s vivid neon sign and crisp white interior has already garnered a lot of attention. Simply standing at the threshold of this new yogurt bar in Balaclava will have you awash with feelings of curiosity. Turn left to see a rainbow neon sign, straight ahead to stare into the eyes of a giant cartoon koala or, most interestingly, look straight ahead and let your eyes rest on the kaleidoscope of self-serve toppings waiting temptingly in the centre of the room.

Co-owners Manny Stul and Jason Solomon are on a mission to create the highest quality yogurt store in the world. The result is a welcoming place with a social conscience. Produce is locally sourced, low in fat and even the cutlery is biodegradable.

Yo-Chi is inspired by the many incarnations of yogurt bars that are growing in popularity across the globe and is entirely self-serve. The process is simple: select a size, fill with your yogurt flavour of choice and adorn with any number of seasonal toppings. Yogurt flavours are rotated seasonally and range from chai and mixed berry to coconut. The signature blend is honey soybean and there are 22 toppings to choose from.

Be warned, this help yourself concept can lead to severe eyes-bigger-than-stomach syndrome. Toppings like caramelised pineapple and chocolate-covered goji berries will have you adding more and more (just don’t forget all these toppings are priced by weight).

Those who know their downward dog from their tree pose will know the benefits of maintaining a healthy inner wellbeing or ‘chi’ and will appreciate the quality of the yogurt product itself. Stul is the proprietor of a certified organic farm and a strict vegetarian, so you know the produce is up to scratch.

“We wanted to create a product people could believe in – one that was natural, healthy, free from artificial nasties and provided options for those seeking low in fat, no dairy or no gluten alternatives,” says Stul.

Just as the yogurt and its accompaniments are of the highest quality, so too is the space itself. The inviting interior comes courtesy of the team at Projects of Imagination, the creative minds behind venues such as Golden Fields, St Edmonds and Chin Chin. Their trademark quirk permeates the bar, where nothing is accidental and even the tiniest detail has been carefully considered.

For example, the aforementioned Yo-Chi Koala statue, which stands poised with giant spoon and Yo-Chi cup in hand, is regarded as the “overseer of yogurt delight”.

“We wanted a space that invited our customers to enjoy, mingle and feel comfortable to stay a while,” says Stul.

With customers already lining up for a guilt-free dessert, it would seem local ice cream stores might be given a run for their money.

Yo-Chi-Broadsheet, September 2012

Mamak-Broadsheet, 14th September 2012

MamakPhotography: Pip Grenda

Make Mine Mamak

The Sydney favourite brings its famous roti to Melbourne.

We would not be surprised to soon find queues snaking out the door of newly opened, Malaysian restaurant Mamak, just as they did from the original in Sydney some five years ago.

What began as a side project for Julian Lee, Alan Au and Clement Lee has now grown into a fulltime gig, with restaurants in Sydney’s Chinatown, Chatswood and now in Melbourne’s CBD.

While the owners do not come from foodie backgrounds, their passion for Malaysian cuisine (each hail from a Malaysian background) has quickly garnered a cult following. They traded in their corporate suits for the hectic lifestyle of restaurateurs and they couldn’t be happier.

So what sets Mamak apart from the plethora of other Malaysian restaurants in town? Quite simply, they refuse to compromise on taste, and when they speak of ‘spicy, bold flavours’ and ‘letting the food speak for itself’, you can be sure that what you see is what you get.

What Mamak’s menu lacks in quantity it makes up for in quality, with special emphasis on the roti, satays and traditional street eats made to order. The sweet roti that Mamak has come to be known for will also be on the menu – think tall cones of crisp, sweet roti filled with banana and ice cream.

With wooden tables and granite floors offering a city streetscape feel, Mamak is the kind of place you can head to any night of the week for casual dining with a bunch of buddies and a bottle of booze.

Mamak-Broadsheet, 14th September 2012

Charlotte Cory-Four, 12th September 2012

Charlotte CoryModern Menagerie

The Darwinian evolutionary theory is a well-known historical premise, which suggests that all living species are descendants of common ancestors – be they apes, plants, genetic mutations or the like.

The work of writer and artist Charlotte Cory explores this theory and takes it one step further with her series You Animal, You!, where artworks referencing the classic carte de visite style of photographic portraiture is given modern, surrealist twist with the inclusion of animal heads. From pigs and apes, to birds and of course dogs, this technicolour animal farm is striking when contrasted alongside the vintage wares of yesteryear.

With art in her blood (broth her grandfathers were artists and she inherited their paintboxes), Cory was always destined for a creative life, but the road wasn’t an easy one. Her parents weren’t at all keen on her attending art school so she instead enrolled in English and Medieval literature at University. In her final year however, fate intervened when she caught a paralysing virus in Seville which set her back three months. To make money and pay for her studies she sold her illustrations to publishers for book covers made on an old printing press, including about 50 woodcuts for Faber book titles and several pub signs.

Her work can’t be classified simply as photography as she almost ‘paints’ with the photos, manipulating everything into the pictures as well as applying collage techniques to give them a 3D effect. A typical piece takes shape over a vast period of time. Usually Cory owns the original picture, takes her own and after some time will merge them together, ensuring the right images are paired together.

When asked about the concept itself she says, “I am very interested in that first generation of people who lived with photography – and also lived with Darwin’s ideas. They lost their sense of being immortal and godlike – they were only animals. At the same time they acquired immortality by leaving perfect images of themselves behind them when they died. They were exciting, terrifying times – hence the transmogriphy in the artist/photographers’ studios. This is what we really look like…”

A woman on the move there is always a new project up Charlotte Cory’s sleeve, and she’s currently working on some fabulous furniture designs, as she continues to “seek world domination or at the very least, a whole alternative universe”. Watch this space.

All images courtesy of Charlotte Cory
You Animal, You! is published by Blackdog books

Charlotte Cory-Four, 12th September 2012