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AW13 Man Trends-Retail Offers, 11th March 2013

The Stylish Gentleman

Guys, get savvy this season with all the latest catwalk looks.

Despite the sunshine that refuses to dissipate (and thank goodness for that), it is time to face facts that winter is on its way, and our wardrobes need to be adjusted accordingly. While it may seem that for a bloke to be fashionable he must be decked solely in wild catwalk gear, the reality is they can rock the trends and feel good about it in the process.

For Autumn/Winter 13, colour made a valiant appearance in all manners of ways from slacks in rustic hues, pastel knits and bold blazers. Pair autumnal browns, reds and yellows all together, or go safe with a coloured jumper and jeans or a vibrant fedora.  Maybe even channel your inner hipster with a colourful blazer and rolled up chino?

Image-1cPrints were also awash on the runways, with jumpers and accessories leading the charge. Camouflage, argyle, abstract-you name it, it was there. While the ladies have embraced the trend whole-heartedly wearing everything from printed pants to clashing styles; the guys are less obvious and are best suited to a capricious tie or a vivid pair of canvas flats.

Image-2cAutumn/Winter is also a time for textures, an opportunity to break through from the doldrums of mere cotton and denim. Warmth does not just mean wool. Why not pair your jeans with a tweed or velvet jacket? Or give jeans the flick all together in favour of stylish corduroys. This is a trend that will stand the test of time and will implement maximum effect with minimum effort.

Image-3cAW13 Man Trends-Retail Offers, 11th March 2013


Hugo Boss-Retail Offers, 28th February 2013

Hugo Boss

The name Hugo Boss is one steeped in luxury; a brand that continues to produce iconic ranges season after season. For Autumn/Winter the collections are no different, with BOSS Black and BOSS Orange adorning men and women in timeless classics, that stay fresh and exciting but still true to the Hugo BOSS aesthetic.

This season, the sophisticated BOSS Black Womenswear line pulls from Old Hollywood, creating a series of garments perfect for any confident modern woman. Luxe fabrics in monochromatic hues are punctuated with hits of feminine rose and ocean turquoise, and outfits are completed with animal-print heels and handbags with golden hardware.  Elegance at its finest.

RO_HB_Image 1BOSS Black Menswear retains its sleek, high-quality demeanour this season whilst embracing an almost bohemian nod to 1950’s New York and the thriving artist scene of the time.  Butter-soft leather jackets hug chunky knits in Autumnal hues, and manbags in classic styles prove the ultimate accessory.

RO_HB_Image 2

For Autumn/Winter, BOSS Orange Womenswear pays homage to folklore traditions and references fashion, literature, music and dance of the era. Volume plays a key role here and rustic accents dominate. Think rabbit fur jackets in wine red, leather tasseled bags and earth-hued patterns that would make Joni Mitchell melt.

What woman doesn’t love a truly masculine man? The Autumn/Winter BOSS Orange male takes his cues from rough and ready wharfies, replete with plaid shirts, sturdy leather boots and washed denim. But while he may be rough round the edges, the interior’s all about style.

RO_HB_Image 4

Leona Edmiston-Retail Offers, 28th February 2013

Leona Edmiston

Is there anything more flattering than a wrap dress? Seriously, no matter your size, shape, or height, there is a wrap dress out there that will give you a waist where there was none, boost your bust discretely, and hide those pesky lumps and bumps from sight.

Each season, our very own wrap queen Leona Edmiston brings us a series of these dresses that will remain staples in your wardrobe for both work and play until the end of time.  And if the wrap dress is not your thing don’t fret-there’s plenty more gorgeous goodies to be found from Leona.


Leona Edmiston-Retail Offers, 28th February 2013

Mancessories-Retail Offers, 25th January 2013


Who says accessories are just for girls?

 While girls have always known the genius of a well placed accessory to take an outfit from yawn to yee-hah, our XY affiliates are often blind to the fact that they can too. We’re not talking diamond earrings here but tasteful and classic pieces that often serve a functional purpose as well!

For those keen for their man to just dip a toe in the watery world of ornamental garb, be aware that slow and steady wins the race. This is not an episode of Jersey Shore, and Kanye-style bling is not on the menu. Your guy needn’t be afraid, there are many mancessories that can be tasteful and not at all scary! For starters a good watch goes with any outfit, no matter the dress code-try a chunky silver style or a classic leather strap.  Another easy add-on is a scarf, and as a bonus he’ll be warm as toast while still looking super cool.

manacc3Stepping it up a notch are those who are prepared to trial something a little less “traditionally” male. Think a little pendant, a cool pair of glasses or even a hat (note: NOT a baseball cap!) while out having coffee. The trick is to keep the colours neutral and tie it in with what he’s wearing. Simple is best, as is clean and tidy, so cinch his pants with another classic accessory-the belt. No one wants to see a beer gut hanging over pants or a thick gold chain tangled in a hairy chest.


Then there are those who aren’t afraid to go all out!  Often seen on the heads and bodies of hipsters, these guys want to try it all and all at once, from bracelets to manbags. Johnny Depp is a prime example here, and we can reveal the secret of his style success-confidence.  Anything can be worn with aplomb if you have a little faith.  If he feels good he will look good too!  This Valentine’s Day why not help him try the trend, and he can show his fellow males just how it’s done.


Mancessories-Retail Offers, 25th January 2013

Christmas-Retail Offers, 10th December 2012

Yuletide Luxe

This Christmas, go all out for those you love.

Would you love to spread a little designer Christmas love but can’t afford the price tag?  Hate finding things you love in magazines then experiencing heart palpitations when you see the dreaded “Price On Application”? Fear that the only way you will ever get your hands on anything by Calvin, Stella or Marc is a cheap rip-off found in a back street market?

Well enough is enough. Everyone deserves a little something designer in their lives, and shouldn’t have to sell a kidney to get it.

Shop our edit of beautiful pieces that will give your giftee this Yuletide (or why not yourself!) the designer cache you crave.


Designer gear aside, sometimes even that isn’t enough because what do you get for the girl who has everything?

Fancy outfits-she’s got it. Designer handbag-she’s got several. A house full of exotic home wares? Don’t get us started.

It’s fair to say that your go-to items in the present drawer just aint gonna cut it. So where do you start?

Firstly ensure you think of her taste. If it’s fashion she’s hearting, go for a great book on a leading fashion icon. If she’s off on a trip, why not spoil her with a guide to all the good places?

We’ve picked a few treats we think she won’t be able to resist, but if in doubt stick to the general rules. If it’s an accessory or product that’s a little bit out there and shows you’ve given it some thought then trust us-she’s going to love it!


Christmas-Retail Offers, 10th December 2012

David Beckham-Retail Offers, 4th December 2012

Sportsman Style

Channel your inner soccer God with the epic stylings of Mr Beckham.

Forgive me for gushing but Wow!  I had forgotten what a good looking fella David Beckham really is!! Those eyes, that hair, that body…..

But I digress.

Becks is the name on everyone’s lips right now, with rumours rife over his next soccer appointment now he has played his final match for LA Galaxy.

Whatever he may so choose (Australia pretty please!!), one area he will forever remain a constant in is the style stakes. From his crazy hairdo’s, to his plethora of tatts, the man can make anything look seriously good.

Debonair Dad

Is there anything more attractive than a cute Dad? Whether he’s out watching the boys play soccer, or toting little Harper round town; Beckham always looks sharp. Dressed up or down he’s definitely giving Posh a run for her money at the school pickup!


Hats off to Becks

Yes David does have some seriously good hair, but on the days he’s just not feeling it, you will find him sporting a flat cap or knitted beanie. A good hat ups the cool factor of any guys attire, with the added bonus of keeping his noggin toasty warm.


Red Carpet Ready

Like any A-Lister, you are likely to find Becks walking the red carpet, Victoria on his arm, outfit sharp and ready to rock. Becks knows the importance of the little details, and shows us how a pocket hankerchief and tie bar can bring an outfit from a 9 to a 10.


David Beckham-Retail Offers, 4th December 2012

The X Factor-Retail Offers, 20th November 2012

Fashion Factor

Channel the four X Factor judges with our edit of their superstar style.

It’s safe to say that yet again, Australia has fallen in love with the doe eyes and powerful voices of this year’s X-Factor contestants, where country geeks and cutie pies come to life amongst a whopping studio audience and a staggering TV viewership.

We watched with baited breath all season and at the final minutes, jumped for joy as the brilliant Samantha Jade took her crown.

At RO not only were we hooked on the contestants, we also could not stop crushing on the fabulous style of the four judges. And while the show may be over, we are not yet ready to forget. From girl next door to rockabilly chic, everyone can inject a little superstar styling into their wardrobe.

Natalie Bassingthwaite with her flawless skin and to-die-for hair is fortunate that she can pretty much get away with any outfit. Nat’s style is cute, sweet and always polished, but she will often add a bit of edge-some feisty heels or a mad hairdo-to keep things real and never stale. Get the look yourself with a cute frock, a pair of stilettos and a cheeky grin.


Let’s be honest, double denim is not a look that can be pulled off by just anyone. It takes the right shades of blue, a well-cut jacket and jean, and a guy or gal with a whole lot of confidence to get the look just right. Guy Sebastian is that person, so much so we’re thinking of braving the look ourselves.


Mel B (who will always remain Scary Spice in our hearts) was never afraid of pushing a fashion boundary or two even before she got the banging bod care of her Jenny Craig gig. We love that she can dress to impress, celebrate her curves and always stay on trend. Be it a funky dress or a pant and top combo, fitted is always the order of the day for Miss B.

x3The last of the fabulous four, Ronan Keating rocks a look we like to call rockabilly hip-a bit of indie street cred here, a touch of Jagger there. Ronan loves a short sleeve and scarf, and will never say no to a bit of leather. Coupled with his sexy accent and smouldering good looks, there’s no doubting this is a look the ladies love.

x1The X Factor-Retail Offers, 20th November 2012